Video: Pulsarians demonstrate group riding hand signals with the Pulsar AS GangSlang Film


Pulsar Gangslang

The Pulsar AS Hand Signal film by Pulsar brand team is now live. The video features a rider gang of four guys and a girl, astride their Pulsar AS, demonstrating hand signals they use while riding in a group. Hand signals used by motorists are generally different to the hand signals used by riders within a group. It’s important to note here that these hand signals aren’t mandated by law and may vary from group to group. Although a standard set of these signals are followed by most experienced riding groups, variations do exist, along with some added signals specific to a group.

While riding in a group its important that all the riders know each others’ skill levels well, and have done a fair amount of riding together. The coordination and the rhythm to follow complex hand signals in a group requires discipline and attentiveness. It’s also very important to keep safe distance and ride in a somewhat staggered formation to ensure ample braking distance in case of emergency braking.

While hand signals may work for some specific groups where the riders ride together often and know each other well, their use is not always advisable. Strictly speaking, its always best for a rider to have his own estimation of the road ahead and take decisions based on his own skill and reaction time.

Pulsar Gangslang

A few other things like riding in double or triple files is also not advisable for motorcyclists, as it obstructs the fast moving vehicles trying to overtake, especially on single carriageways. Exceptions include rallies or rides for a cause which are performed at slow speeds with cover both at front and back of the group. We’d also have appreciated had the video not contained clips of riders performing stunts on public roads without being fully geared.

In any case, seasoned riding groups with members who have a great tuning are known to use hand signals. In the video below the Pulsar guys demonstrate 14 basic signals they need their members to know before they head out on the road. Pulsarians call it their Gangslang!


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