VIDEO: Old man crashes into 9 cars in a parking lot in America


For a 92-year old man in Wisconsin, North America, things turned quite hairy when he tried to drive away from a supermarket parking lot. The elderly man proceeded to exit the parking lot in his Chrysler Pacifica, basically an ugly American MPV, which makes the Innova look like a beauty pageant winner. According to police reports, the man got his foot stuck on the accelerator and the resultant first hit, made him all panicky. The rest of what happened, was the result of an old guy losing his cool and basically ramming every car in sight, till he got bored of it. Not really, the poor guy must have been scared half to death!


Done with the carnage. Now to go home.

However, he wouldn’t be charged with negligence and won’t be issued any tickets. But, his driving history would be reviewed. We are surprised that he came out of this unscathed, albeit a tad shaken. We aren’t sure if the owners of the cars he hit, are going to be sending him a Christmas card any time soon. Should old people be allowed to drive without undertaking proficiency checks? And if so, what kind of safety measures should they take before taking the wheel of a vehicle? Anyway, have a watch of the following video and let us know what you think about the whole thing.


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