VIDEO: Nissan teases next-gen Nevara, official launch on June 11

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Yesterday we reported that Nissan is developing a new SUV based on its pick-up truck Navara. Nissan has also scheduled a launch of a new pick-up truck. After posting pictures of the pick-up under a white veil a few days back, the company has released a new video teasing the product further. The new pick-up, which Nissan intends to launch on June 11, is seen going through some vigorous durability tests. Looking at the bits and pieces of the pick-up in the video, this new vehicles appears to be next generation Navara.

Nissan, in the new video, claims to have driven this new pick-up truck for a million kilometers and more than 40,000 tests have been performed on it.



This video also gives clearer idea as to how the new pick-up truck will look like. Updates such as a broader Nissan truck grille, lower air intake and fog light surrounds are visible. There is also a nice colour multi-information display in the instrument cluster similar to what is seen on the Nissan Teana. The new L-shaped LED running lights are also visible when the pick-up truck is tested in the wind tunnel.

The final product will be seen on June 11 when the company finally reveals the vehicle. Also, Nissan may develop an SUV based on this new pick-up as part of their strategy for developing markets. This means that India will soon witness a new SUV, making competition in the segment more stiffer. Well, we are sure we are up for some good times in the future.

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