VIDEO: Moral police on motorcycle teaches garbage throwers a lesson

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Towards the end of the film The Dark Knight Rises Bruce Wayne tells Inspector Gordon that ‘A hero can be anyone’. Well, that thought has come in action although this Good Samaritan is fighting against people who throw garbage on city streets.

The video begins with “I want to live in a clean city” written in Russian. The Russian woman gives all the garbage throwers a taste of their own medicine. Now, although I am a follower of Gandhi, I am quite fascinated by the way she teaches a lesson to the culprit and so are fellow YouTube followers. Here is the YouTube video that shows how this Russian vigilante fought to keep her city clean.

One follower said, “LOL owned, dealing with litterbugs in the best fashion.” Another follower who is more concerned about the woman’s safety added, “Could be dangerous in Russia though. Best done with some fighters as backup. “

What do you think of this vigilante fighting for cleanliness. Share your thoughts and opinions through comments below.

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