VIDEO: Miata crash reveals the dangers of motorsports

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The Miata crash shown in this video displays the risks involved in the motorsport competitions be it in Formula 1 or a lower displacement category. The accident captured in the video shows Mark Leach, driver of the blue #16 Miata, crashing into the red Miata car number 108 and flipping several times before landing upside down on the field.

The accident left him with multiple fractures in his arm, a bruised lung and other injuries because of which he spent nearly a week in the hospital.


Commenting on the accident, Leach said on his YouTube page, “Not the ending I wanted to my first race in my MX5. I was very lucky just to end up with a broken right arm, considering how bad the crash was it could have been a lot worse.”

Here is the video footage of the accident:

Such incidents can take place in real life too and you should take all the necessary steps to avoid such incidents from taking place. Motorcyclists are the ones who suffer the most in case of road accidents and it is always better to be safe than sorry. So just to give you a heads up, here are some problems that you better watch out for in real world.

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