Video: Crazy wakeboarder gets tugged by a Ferrari F50


Wakeboarding behind ferrari F50

It’s crazy what people would do to get their thrills. Now, wakeboarding by itself isn’t a particularly safe activity, and when you’re getting tugged by a 513 bhp Ferrari F50, powered by an F1 derived engine, it’s definitely not. What makes it even more perilous is the fact that the crazy guy performing the stunt in the video has decided to do it in a local canal laid out beside a road, with shrubs, poles and various other obstructions adding to the danger. Professional wakeboarder Jorge Gill, the man on that board, however, couldn’t possibly be bothered by those minor distractions. Check him out carrying out this crazy stunt, as his pal in the Ferrari does some smoke inducing braking manoeuvres and a drifty U-turn as he fetches him back.

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