VIDEO: Jumping Off A Plane In A Car In ‘Fast And Furious’ Style, Almost


A bunch of folks, inspired by the Fast and Furious franchise, decided to go skydiving in a car. However, the car didn’t land as gracefully as it did in the American action film. In fact, it crashed from thousands of feet. Konstantin Petrijcuk and his friends, with the help of professional skydiver/stunt coordinator Steve Curtis, completed this adventure. The folks traveled to Arizona’s Area 51 to throw two cars out of an airplane.

So with one totaled car and one small injury, here’s the film that the crew captured in their adventure (Video Courtesy: ViralHog):

Well that’s one list of their bucket list. The stunt, as aforementioned, was performed in Arizona’s Area 51 where the cars could crash land without putting anyone’s life or property in danger.

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