VIDEO: India-made Hyundai Grand i10 scores zero stars in Latin NCAP crash tests

According to Latin NCAP crash tests, the India-made Hyundai Grand i10 scored poorly on counts of occupant safety. Many others just like it face similar fate

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Hyundai has several good products in the Indian subcontinent. Spearheading the pack is one of their most sold cars – the Grand i10. The Hyundai Grand i10 is offered with loads of features and showcases the carmaker’s Fluidic 2.0 design philosophy. Left-hand drive models of this India-made hatchback are exported to various Latin American markets such as Chile.

Hyundai Grand i10 Latin NCAP

The India-made model failed the Latin NCAP test

Hyundai sells the Grand i10 to markets such as Europe, where the hatchback has been received quite well. The European model scored a healthy four stars in EURO NCAP’s crash tests. However, the India-made Hyundai Grand i10 didn’t do so well when it was crash tested by Latin NCAP. For most of these crash tests, only the bottom-end variant of a car is chosen. While the European car, though a base variant, scored four stars at EURO NCAP, the Grand i10s manufactured in India aren’t built to the same safety standards. Except the top-spec model, the rest in the pack feature no ABS, Electronic Stability Control and/or airbag as standard.

Euro NCAP Hyundai Grand i10

The European model scored four stars at EURO NCAP

Since the top-end models cost a lot more money, most buyers tend to purchase the lower-end models. These India-made Hyundai Grand i10s (like many other India-made cars in this segment) do not come with any safety features, and thus, pose a significant risk to the occupants. When Latin NCAP conducted crash tests on the India-made Hyundai Grand i10, the results were rather unfortunate. The hatchback displayed poor structural integrity; that, plus the lack of airbags, mean that the front occupants face a severe risk of head injuries (among others).

Latin NCAP Hyundai Grand i10

Latin NCAP Hyundai Grand i10 (2)

Most India-made cars face a similar consequence when crash tested

It is not just this particular car, but several others just like it are equally unsafe. However, if things go according to plan, the Indian Government will soon be implementing mandatory crash test regulations for cars sold in India. In the meantime, if you are out to buy a car for yourself, opt for vital safety equipments rather than choosing for some fancy infotainment system.

Watch the crash test video attached below


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