Video: Formula Drift’s Chris Forsberg Slides an Infiniti M Inside a Warehouse

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Chris Forsberg drift video

Sure, its modified. But to slide a big, heavy luxury car like the Infiniti M inside a warehouse littered with poles can never be a mean feat. Chris Forsberg, the self taught drifting sensation, however, makes it happen with elan. Chris, who currently competes in the Formula Drift series in his Nissan 370Z for NOS Energy Drink and Hankook Tires, takes the big M with a 4.5 liter V8 dishing out 335bhp inside a warehouse with a slither inducing surface, and exhibits exemplary command – going sideways with inches to spare between the poles and the walls.

We love the way this video has been shot with moving cameras. The drift is followed continuously by the camera, placed inside some sort of a moving device. Though not as colorful, vivid or long as the Gymkhana videos by one Ken Block, this one exudes brilliance in no less measure. Ample talent on display along with some nice camerawork here! The video is most definitely worth a watch. Do have a look, and let us know what you think.

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