VIDEO : Forget Canyon Carving; This Harley-Davidson Dyna Rider goes Canyon Shredding

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When it comes to canyon carving, we’d pick up a supersport over anything else. The ergonomics are just perfect for the task. But this particular rider proved that you can have fun on twisty mountain roads on a relatively laid back Harley-Davidson too. Riding his Harley-Davidson Dyna on the Mulholland Highway, CA, USA, this bare back rider may not be an ideal role model but he definitely has some skills.


Check out some crazy riding skill in the video below:

The guy almost lost the grip at rear but that didn’t stop him from going canyon shredding. While we appreciate his riding skills, what did bother us was the lack of safety gear he was wearing. Folks can have all the riding skills in the world but one small mistake can turn fatal. We advice our readers to always wear necessary safety gear while riding a motorcycle.

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