VIDEO: Ferrari 360 Modena crashes on Mulholland Highway

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Earlier this year, I met with an accident in the twisties of Lonavala while I was overtaking an Alto 800 in my way. I really felt bad because my bike had a broken headlight, a twisted handlebar and scratches. Imagine how would a Ferrari owner feel if something of this sort happens to expensive Italian machine.

We have witnessed a lot of supercar crashes all around the world so this incident is nothing new. But still, it’s a FERRARI!


In one such incident, the driver of a Ferrari 360 Modena lost control of the car’s rear end and crashed on the Mulholland Highway. The Ferrari 360 Modena driver exited the steep right turn at an excessive speed and lost control of the car’s rear end. A few weeks back, another incident involving a motorcycle rider and Honda Civic occurred on the same area in Los Angeles, CA on the Mulholland Highway.

However, Ferrari’s safety standards helped the driver escape only with a few minor head injuries while the passenger was uninjured, despite the heavy crash. The Ferrari 360 Modena was damaged probably beyond the salvage point since the roof was bent and the rear end was hugely affected by the impact.

The entire episode and the post scenario was captured on a video which was later uploaded on YouTube by a user names RNickey Mouse. One can see the red Italian machine drifting sideways before falling into the embankment.

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