VIDEO : Drug Dealer Rams Porsche Cayenne Into Rear End of a Truck; Gets Dragged for Six Miles

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Possession and use of narcotic drugs can not only land you in jail, but also cost you your life. The driver of this Porsche Cayenne, a drug dealer will now be facing death penalty. A drug dealer in China, he passed out on the wheel and rammed the rear end of a truck.


The drug dealer’s Porsche got stuck to the rear end of the truck and he was dragged for no less than six miles before coming to a halt. The incident happened on a highway in Jiangxi province in China. The truck driver didn’t realize anything until a fellow road user made signs to stop him, but he stopped only after driving six miles in the same condition.


As expected, police arrived at the scene and arrested the drug dealer. Also, they found a significant amount of narcotics stuffed in the trunk of this Porsche SUV. The authorities were trying to arrest the dealer for a long time. The drug dealer is now facing death penalty for illegal possession of cocaine.

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