VIDEO: Do You Love Your Royal Enfield, But Hate The Vibrations? Here’s A Solution

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If you love the thump of your Royal Enfield but hate the vibrations, the folks at Carberry Motorcycles have a solution — their custom made ‘vibration reduction plate’. So what exactly does the plate do? Well, as the name suggests, it reduces vibrations*. A more technical answer, as mentioned in the description of the video is that this special plate is designed to support and stabilise the right hand side of the crank shaft which is cantilevered after the bearing and is under load of cams and rotor, which gives rotor a wobbling movement, hence creating vibrations on high revs.

Check out how to install the product in the video below:

Benefits of the product, as suggested by Carberry Motorcycles On YouTube:

  • Stabilises the uneven distribution of mass around the axis.
  • No flex on the shaft, hence no backlash between the pinion and cam wheel on any angle of rotation.
  • Minimising the vibrations of motorcycle between speed of 60- 90 kmph.
  • Increased life of bearings.
  • Reduced cam wheel wear and noise.
Royal Enfield – Classic 350 Gun Grey

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The vibration reduction plate costs INR 3,000 and you can buy one on the official website of Carberry Motorcycles.

*Disclaimer: The plate, as claimed by Carberry Motorcycles, reduces vibrations. We have NOT evaluated the effectiveness of the plate and thus we would NOT comment on this product.

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