VIDEO: Chennai guy drives his auto-rickshaw on two wheels for 2.2 km, creates world record!


Jagathish M - Guinness World Record (3)

Jagathish M was your ordinary, everyday auto-rickshaw driver who you may not even remember after your stepped out of his vehicle, counting the change, walking away towards your destination. But there is more to him than being an ordinary rickshaw-walah from Chennai. What makes him so special? The talented 27-year-old has created a Guinness World Record for furthest distance side-wheel driving.

Jagathish M - Guinness World Record (2)

To drive his auto-rickshaw or tuk-tuk on two-wheels, Jagathish follows a drill that he has practiced to perfection over the years. Jagathish accelerates his auto-rickshaw to a speed of 80 kph before he uses the steering handles to transfer the weight of the vehicle to two wheels. The talent of this young auto-rickshaw driver was recognized on the Indian version of the Guinness World Records – Ab India Todega television show where he drove his vehicle for an impressive 2.2. km (1.37 miles) at the Juhu Aerodrome, Mumbai – the challenge was to drive for just one kilometer.

Jagathish M - Guinness World Record (1)

Check out this footage from his recent photoshoot with Guinness World Records as this auto-rickshaw driver by day, stunter by the night practices his trick for the camera:

Disclaimer: Motoroids doesn’t endorse stunting on public roads. Some of the scenes in the footage show the driver of the auto rickshaw stunting on public roads – we don’t support such acts. 

What do you think of this stunt rider from Chennai? Share your views with us through the comments section below.

Jagathish M – Guinness World Record (4)
Jagathish M – Guinness World Record (3)
Jagathish M – Guinness World Record (2)
Jagathish M – Guinness World Record (1)

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