Video: Check Out the New BMW M5 F90 Bring Driven by Timo Glock on Racetrack

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The all new BMW M5 F90 has not been officially revealed yet, but the German car maker has released a cabin video showing BMW works driver Timo Glock driving the new car on a racetrack. The test driver is joined by BMW M division head of development Dirk Hacker in the act. The 20 minute plus video reveals a lot about the car through the discussions happening between the duo. And while the two performance boffins are talking in German, BMW has duly provided English subs to ensure that the aficionados of the legendary model get to understand whatever matters.

While the output figures for the new car are still under wraps, the big news is the new M xDrive system on the new car. It’s for the first time that the M5 gets an all wheel drive system in its legendary 33 year history. BMW has tried to maintain the traditional rear-biased feel for the car though, and it still supposedly drives like an RWD machine with the drive getting transferred to the front axle only when the electronic brain of the car senses some slip at the rear.


For those who would still want to be a BMW purist, and hate to see an AWD on a machine bearing a kidney grill, there still is an option to drive the car as a pure RWD machine. This mode, however, requires the dynamic stability control to be turned off, taking out the safety net and making it riskier to pull those stunts. The car also boasts a rear locking Active M Differential for enhanced grip from the rear set of wheels.

You can also get to experience the aural pleasures delivered by the4.4 litre twin-turbo V8 in this video. M5 fans need to check out the full video as it reveals quite a few details for those who love the legendary label. Check out the video below, followed by an image gallery of the BMWF90 M5

New 2017 BMW F90 M5 (2)
New 2017 BMW F90 M5 (9)
New 2017 BMW F90 M5 (8)
New 2017 BMW F90 M5 (7)
New 2017 BMW F90 M5 (6)
New 2017 BMW F90 M5 (5)

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