VIDEO : Check Out these Guys Drifting a 240HP Suzuki Hayabusa


You may have seen the Arabs drift cars on the streets in the Middle East in groups. Have you seen someone drift bikes ? Yes, these guys from Finland go on drifting their custom built Suzuki Hayabusa’s.

Drift-2-300x146 (1)

These guys belong to StreetFighter Group of Motorcycle builders from Finland who run a shop named Destroyer Customs. These are their insane drifting street bikes they have built :

Bike 1 – a 2001 Suzuki Hayabusa with a 1441cc 240HP/188NM engine.
Bike 2 – an equally wild 1999 Suzuki Hayabusa.


After drifting these machines, these guys want to take it to an all new level by supercharging them. Although there enough stuntmen out there in India, the lack of the use of any safety equipment proves fatal in such cases. We don’t promote such stunts at Motoroids and urge our readers to never try them on public roads.

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