VIDEO: Aston Martin to Enter the SUV Market with the All-New DBX

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There is now a trend seen with car makers which are known to make sporty cars and coupes, shifting to SUVs. SUVs are currently the most selling type of cars in terms of body shape. Every manufacturer now seems to want a piece of that pie. Porsche started this trend with the Cayenne, Bentley offered us the Bentayga, Lamborghini offered the Urus and now joining this trend is the British automaker, Aston Martin. While there were rumours of Aston Martin working on an SUV for quite some time now, we finally now can put those rumours to rest for here we see the all-new DBX.

Aston Martin DBX Prototype front slide

So what do we know apart from the name of this SUV? It is based on a newly developed platform, built specifically for this SUV. It will feature air suspension to keep the car low and well balanced when on the road and offer higher travel and clearance off the road. The front gets a signature Aston Martin-style grille, similar to the one in the new Vantage and now real-world tests have begun after running many simulations and theoretical tests. Test mules started with a rally stage in Wales as a warm-up session. Further ahead the company has plans of sending test mules to various parts of the world, including the snow-covered Arctic, the Nürburgring Nordschleife and the deserts of the middle east.

Aston Martin DBX Prototype rear

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The SUV could use the AMG sourced 4-litre V8 or the V12 from the Vantage or even offer both, something we will have to wait and watch. The production-ready car could be unveiled by the end of 2019 and get on the road by 2020. Will it make its way to India? I believe yes, considering ours is a market which loves the big bad SUVs. Cars like the Cayenne, the Urus and even the Bentayega have helped boost the sale figures of their respective brands. Aston Martin could also use this SUV to raise their numbers, we will have to wait and watch to know more.

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