VIDEO: Armed with pistol, woman drives over lady with tractor in Uttar Pradesh

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Cases of land disputes and the so-called “land mafias” are something that we read about in newspapers often. However, sometimes, things go overboard when you bring a firearm and a delinquent person into the equation. In this case, the wife of a local land mafia in Uttar Pradesh took matters of a land dispute into her own hands.

Woman runs tractor over another in UP (4)

The woman took charge of a tractor and started driving it around the “disputed piece of land”, all the while carrying a pistol which was tucked safely in her saree. The incident happened close to the District Magistrate’s (DM) residence in the Bijnor district of Uttar Pradesh. In her attempt to get hold of the land, the woman began driving the tractor in a very errant manner; moving down crops/vegetation in her anger spree.

Woman runs tractor over another in UP

Things soon went from bad to worse. Women from the Christian community nearby came to the scene to try and stop this unruly female. However, she doesn’t seem to be in any mood to do so, and continues mowing down crops. It is reported that the women from the Christian community tried to stop her and some, even hurled eggs and stones at her. This seems to have infuriated the woman even more, and she drove the tractor over another woman, almost killing her. Fortunately, the young woman survived this ordeal, though she suffered several injuries. Apparently, the whole debacle lasted for several hours. Thankfully, she didn’t make use of her firearm, or this could have ended on a harsher tone.

Woman runs tractor over another in UP (1)

The police finally showed up after a prolonged delay. However, it seems evident that the wife of the land mafia wasn’t rushed away and was almost given a VIP treatment. Reports state that she was taken away in the commanding Officer’s patrol car.

Woman runs tractor over another in UP (2)

Woman runs tractor over another in UP (3)

Anyway, watch the video of the whole debacle below and tell us about your opinion on this whole debacle. The law is meant to be the same for everyone, at least in theory. But that doesn’t seem to be the case here, not that it is in most places.


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  • Anonymous says:

    This so called ‘Law’ is not applicable to the rich and the powerful, only the middle-class and the weak need to fear the law. That’s how it has been, it is still and will continue to be so and we have given it a fancy name —- ‘Democracy’.