Vespa offering discounts upto Rs 9000 on the LX125

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Only yesterday we told you about the Vespa readying its mainstream offering, the Fly 125, which would make the brand more accessible to the people. In what seems like another attempt at democratization of the premium brand, the Italian company is offering a huge discount on its LX125 scooter. The company is currently offering its scooter for a price substantially lower than its Rs 74,000 OTR price tag for Mumbai. The price for the scooter is lower by Rs 6,500 to Rs 9,000 depending on the dealership you are buying it from, as our calls to a couple of dealerships suggested.

Vespa India’s official website is also talking about the offer, asking the customers to visit the nearest dealership and get more details. The offer is apparently a festive-season-only scheme, which is slated to get over in a limited time. From what we reckon, this may well be a ploy by the company to test the efficacy of reducing prices in the guise of a Festive Offer so as to gauge the potential of a future price slash for all seasons.

As goes without saying, it’s a great offer to grab with both hands. If you have been willing to buy the Vespa LX125, this is the right time. However, the machine, even with the discount retails at a substantially higher price than the rest of the options available. The premium positioning of the LX125 hasn’t quite worked Vespa wanted it to. The festive offer may just be a hint that the strategy is being corrected as we talk. We’re happy, as the ploy spells savings for the customers.

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  • Gaurav Bhat says:

    Well, apparently, there have been numerous customers of the recently opened Bandra dealer, who have made an advance payment for the new side guard (which includes the much needed foot pegs for the piggy rider) but there have been no deliveries made. Though, I have not made any official advance booking for the same, I was told two months back that the new guard will be made available in 15 days but whenever I have followed up on that, I get the same response saying that it will come very soon.

    To be honest, the piggy rider foot pegs are mandatory for any bike and that wasnt provided in the first place in the Vespa, which is shocking considering the premium pricing of the scooter. Piaggio should have given a thought to it. And now they are again asking for a further premium of Rs. 2,400/- for the new guard.

  • Thanks Gaurav, would appreciate if you could mention the problems you have been facing with the accessories (footpegs etc) too. Awaiting the details

  • Gaurav Bhat says:

    Thanks for the quick response, Amit.

    Here's a quick summary of some of the experiences I have had with my vehicle:

    Two months back, my Vespa broke down in running condition. I had to drag it to the nearest local mechanic. His feedback was that there was an issue with my engine compression. When I took the scooter for servicing and asked for his feedback, he responded saying there was no issue. The bike got serviced and there have been no issues ever since. I am hoping this problem wont haunt me ever again.

    Now a month ago, the fuel guage suddenly stopped working & I had to again take the vespa all the way to Bhandup for the same. The servicing guy opened the display panel and checked it from outside and told me there is no issue (He dint check it internally though…!!!) – Then I took it to the Malad service center and the servicing guy responded saying they do not have the spare parts to get it rectified and asked me to check in a week's time.. I called up the Bhandup dealer again last week and asked him to check internally and respond – He NEVER DID…!!

    I shall mail you the picture of my bike along with a seperate picture of the non-working fuel guage with you very soon.

  • amit says:

    Hi Gaurav, thanks for sharing your woes with us. Can you send me a small log of what all happened, along with an image of your vehicle? Would like to put it up on Motoroids

  • Gaurav Bhat says:

    They give discounts on the sale.. Great..!! But where are the accessories that were promised earlier by the Piaggio team? I got my Vespa four months back and I have been waiting to install side pegs, which comes fitted with all the current range of the product. The disc brake that they promised hasnt been delivered.. Also my fuel guage has went completely for a toss, because of which I have to fill fuel worth Rs. 50/- every day just so that I dont have to drag my vehicle in case if it runs out. The dealer say they do not have the spare parts to get it rectified. No doubt Piaggio has delivered an excellent product… But the rest of the service has been disappointing to say the least.