Vespa Elegante Coming to India this Diwali

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The Vespa Elegante will be the latest addition to Piaggio’s repertoire in India. According to a report on Economic Timesthe new premium scooter will be unveiled in the Indian market during the festive period of Diwali.

Vespa Elegante to be launched during Diwali

The Vespa Primavera – For representational purposes only

We don’t have any images of the Vespa Elegante, yet. However, the word is out that it will carry some inspiration from another internationally-marketed model of Piaggio, the Vespa Primavera. Even though the Vespa Elegante will be based on the VX125’s platform, the source suggests it will be an altogether new model possessing an inimitable style language. Possible styling cues will include a trendy triangular front face, and a retro round headlight. Adding to the old feel will be a classic split seating arrangement, and trademark paint options like Marrakech Brown. 

Vespa Elegante styling to be based on the Primavera

The Vespa Primavera – For representational purposes only

On the technical front, the Elegante won’t be left lagging behind. It will be armed adequately with smart features like a front disc brake and tubeless tyres. It will be powered by Piaggio’s 125 cc air-cooled petrol engine whipping up a peak power of 10 PS. Peak torque will be a very healthy 10.06 Nm. It is to be noted that this same powerplant is being employed in all the other models of Vespa on offer in India.

The Vespa lineup currently includes the Vespa LX125, VX125 and the Vespa S. The Vespa Elegante will carve a new niche for itself, boasting of a completely different statement. To make use of the Indian spending spree to the hilt, the Elegante’s launch has been smartly positioned during the Diwali period. Purse strings become notoriously loose during this time, and automakers are well known to come with various schemes and discounts during this period.

So, isn’t it a good time for Piaggio to launch a product that carries the same mechanicals underneath and masquerades itself as new only on the exterior?? 😉

The Vespa Elegante might be priced in the region of INR 79,000/-.

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