Vespa ESCLUSIVO Limited Edition Launched

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Vespa ESCLUSIVO, a Limited Edition product based on the Vespa VX 125, has been launched at a price tag of INR 81,786/-. Only 1,ooo units of the Vespa ESCLUSIVO will ever be produced!

Vespa ESCLUSIVO Limited Edition Launched

The Limited Edition Vespa ESCLUSIVO has been launched with an aim to push sales ahead of the approaching festive season. It is actually an embellishment over the Vespa VX 125. The Vespa ESCLUSIVO is exactly similar to the Vespa VX 125 when it comes to mechanicals and parts. It is differentiated only by the body decals and a few other things that the company is offering alongside the scooter. These include a “Limited Edition” badging, with a dedicated number for each scooter.

Each Vespa ESCLUSIVO will bear a number ranging from 1 to 1000 on the badging it carries. Buyers will have the choice to select the number they want. The chosen number will be embossed on the scooter. No number will ever be repeated, and hence this will give each scooter an exclusivity. Perfect for those who want to tread the less-beaten path and want to flaunt that attitude on their sleeves!

Vespa ESCLUSIVO Limited Edition Badging

The Vespa ESCLUSIVO will be available in three colour choices of red, white and black.

Ever since Piaggio launched its Vespa in India, the scooter has been synonymous with a jet-setting lifestyle. The features offered on the Piaggio Vespa ESCLUSIVO are :

  • Monocoque full steel body construction
  • Aluminium cylinder head
  • Chrome saddle handlebar
  • Raised hand-grip for pillion
  • Chrome Suspension, Exhaust, Mirrors and Grille 
  • 3 coat-paint finish
  • Auto-Ignition feature
  • Tubeless tyres
  • 200 mm ventilated front disc brake, and 140 mm rear disc brake

Vespa ESCLUSIVO Limited Edition

The Vespa ESCLUSIVO is powered by the same 125 cc engine found on the Vespa VX 125. It provides a max power of 10.1 PS at 7,500 rpm, and a peak torque of 10.6 Nm at 6,000 rpm. The company claims that the Vespa will provide fuel efficiency figures of about 50 kmpl.

As if the Vespa wasn’t exclusive enough, the company went ahead to launch an even more coquettish Vespa ESCLUSIVO. We are amused by this move! 😀

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