Video: Mad Max makes a comeback in Mad Max: Fury Road


We are big fans of movies which are about cars or machines or the ones where there are only two types of people, good guys and bad guys, and both have guns. There have been quite a few movies made, which amplified the appeal of cars to men and women alike. Classy actors driving exotic machinery, wearing the most desirable watches, dressed to make you feel bad about your paunch. Then there was Mad Max, filled with bad guys, explosions, fireballs and cars. It is making a return after a full 30 years and people who add stickers of skulls on their cars, bikes, helmets, will love this movie.

There is no Mel Gibson in this installment and he is replaced by Tom Hardy, the guy who played the ‘Bane’  in the latest Batman movie. If you have been trained to watch Bridget Jones kind of stuff along-with a Tub of ice-cream, this trailer is for you, fire, fire-balls, rolling cars, guns, explosions and a lot of action. Movie releases 2015.

Image Courtesy: Codexdigital

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