Versys 650 and Triumph Daytona crash into Maruti Alto, Kawasaki rider passes away

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In yet another accident, this time in the region of Kollam, Kerala, one biker lost his life and two others were left seriously injured in a mishap involving two high-end motorcycles and a hatchback. The accident involved a Kawasaki Verxsys 650, a Triumph Daytona 675 and a Maruti Alto 800.


Reportedly, the accident occurred when the occupant of the Alto was attempting to take a U-turn. The rider of the Versys, in a bid to save himself from crashing into the car, maneuvered to the side and ended up crashing his motorcycle after going off-road. The Daytona, which is said to have been following the Versys, ended up ramming into the hatchback, damaging the front of the INR 10 lakh (ex-showroom) motorcycle. The Alto too, seems to have suffered considerable damage including the loss of the front fender as well as severe damage to the door, A-pillar and roof.


While the occupant of the Alto and the Daytona rider suffered serious injuries, the rider of the Versys ended up losing his life. The Versys 650 and the Alto 800 both are likely to be written off. As there is no firm report on what triggered the mishap, we wouldn’t want to blame any of the parties involved. What we would say though is that ride and drive safe and always wear your protective gear irrespective of the place or time.

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  • Praveen says:

    It is sad to see names of cars, bikes, cost of bikes and cars and all minor details about damage to car and bike and what will happen to car and bike in such details and finally in one liner stating someone died, rest are seriously injured. What kind of world are we going to make with such mindset.

  • senthil kumar says:

    I believe the fault wasn’t on the bikers’ side., The alto wouldn’t have switched on the turn indicator light, which is why , the biker who came behind also crashed on to the alto.

  • GooseFraba says:

    For some reason, almost every such news i read, end up mentioning the cost of the bike. Is it even relevant?

  • Sandeep says:

    Your last sentence in the report somehow indirectly points towards the riders not using protective gears.

    The riders are personally known to me and are from a group which always promoted safe riding. The group was riding with full protective gear and they always do so.

    Lets pray for the departed soul and may his family have enough strength to overcome this tragic moment.