VDO: Yet another Tata Nano catches fire on the streets of Chennai!

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It feels like an hour ago, we reported a burnt Tata Nano in Anand, Gujarat; a few minutes ago a Nano taxi caught fire in Sri Lanka and just a few seconds ago, another Tata Nano bursts into flames, this time on the streets of Chennai. This is the alarming rate at which the so called cheapest car is catching fire mysteriously. Incidentally, this is the first time that we have a Tata Nano burning on video which was captured by a passer-by while the car was busy getting engulfed in flames. The video was posted by a Youtube user with the username samrao69.

As reported earlier, Tata Motors believe that nothing is wrong with the car. But this statement is being contradicted with the alarmingly high number of Tata Nano’s that have caught fire till now. This car is reported to be the 10th Nano that has burnt into ashes. If it takes more than 10 Tata Nanos to prompt the Government to take action or at least look into what is mysteriously wrong with the car, then the streets are definitely not safe for the common man. However, the Government seems to be waking up from its sleep when it recently announced that it would pass a bill which would ensure manufactures would pay Rs 1 lakh for each defective car they would sell. So all we can do now is keep our fingers crossed and hope that no other Nano catches fire risking another driver/passenger’s life.

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