VDO: Toyota pays tribute to Hiromu Naruse

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Hiromu Naruse san is one of the most respected names in automotive engineering. The Japanese engineer who devoted his life to Toyota, was responsible for some of the greatest icons the company has ever produced – the 2000GT, the AE-86 Tueno, the MR-2, the Supra and the LFA itself, to name a few of his creations. But in an unfortunate accident at the Nürburgring, Hiromu Naruse passed away behind the wheel of his latest creation, the Lexus LFA ‘Nürburgring Edition’. The ‘Godfather of the LFA’ as he had come to be known in recent times, Hiromu Naruse left the entire automotive fraternity mourning. As their tribute to this great automotive engineer, Toyota has put together a video highlighting the personality that Hiromu Naruse san was.


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