[VDO] Mahindra Stallio’s New Ad Campaign Kicks Off. Psst, don’t think Aamir Khan has learnt to ride a bike yet!

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The new TV commercial featuring, Mahindra’s new 115cc commuter, the Mahindra Stallio along with it’s brand ambassador Aamir Khan is now live. The advertisement seems to be very well executed, giving out message of safe and modest riding. However, the TVC does not take away our attention from the fact that guy seen in the riding shots in the clip, does not seem to be Aamir Khan. Why? Well for one, there are no close up shots of the rider while the bike is moving and second, the riding shots seems be hurried away from the clip, just like they are trying to hide something!

Well, not that we are trying to be judgmental. Since, we know how hard learning to ride a bike could be. And besides, dont think Aamir will be ready to ride a bike on- screen himself, unless he has ‘perfected’ the art.

BTW, we would be glad to provide some tutions, if need be!

Watch the TVC Below:

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