VDO: Hyundai ‘Top Deer’ – a spoof of the Top Gear show!

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We all love the Top Gear show, don’t we? (If you don’t know what Top Gear is, probably you have missed out on one of the greatest automotive TV shows ever produced!) Coming back to Top Gear, things have taken a rather unusual turn. Generally you see Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May absolutely running down new vehicles and making a sarcastic mockery of all the tech that has gone behind making the car. However, this time around, Hyundai has decided to turn the tables and give Top Gear a taste of their own medicine, in a light hearted spirit of course…

How? Well, Hyundai’s new commercials for the ix35 (or the Tuscon as it will be called in India) in South Africa, are in fact a spoof of the Top Gear show and are christened ‘Top Deer’. The three legendary hosts have been replaced with three harmless creatures – a wildebeast, a hamster and a tortoise (need we tell you who represents whom?). The iconic Stig is replaced with ‘The Stag’ who in true Top Gear Top Deer fashion, takes on the Hyundai ix35 / Tuscon around the test track. So far, the Korean carmaker has released two commercials based on this spoof. Click on the respective images to see them in action:

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