Honda Releases its 7th Short Film – “Into the Unknown”


Honda has released today the 7th short film documentary titled “Into the Unknown” as a part of the “Dream the Impossible” series. The short film celebrates the extra- ordinary feats achieved by a professional diver, a professional mountain climber, a retired NASA astronaut, Honda associates and engineers and others in the society who challenge the impossible and are self- motivated to solve problems.

Honda’s ‘Power of Dreams’ marketing spotlights human stories of perseverance, including our long-standing engineering commitment to develop cleaner forms of mobility,” said Barbara Ponce, manager of corporate advertising for American Honda Motor Co., Inc. “Our corporate film series naturally aligns with the compelling ‘Great Migrations” themes of resolve and ingenuity. The inspiring content and cutting-edge caliber of ‘Great Migrations’ parallels the uplifting stories and cinematic quality of our ‘Dream the Impossible’ Documentary Series.”

Our latest ‘Dream the Impossible’ film explores some of Honda’s most amazing R&D ventures—brain-machine interface, robotics, advanced safety technology—but at the heart of the film is the idea that society has made its greatest advances thanks to the efforts of a few pioneering explorers, inventors and thinkers who were brave enough to make the leap into the unknown,” said writer and producer Todd Carey of RPA, Honda’s advertising agency of record.

The “Dream the Impossible” documentary series was launched in January, 2009 which targets 25 to 49 years old adults who are comfortable with technology, who value authenticity, and who are drawn to brands they can relate to, connect with, or admire. Watch the latest short film documentary “Into the Unknown” below and you can also access the previous six short films from the “Dream the Impossible” series here.


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