VDO: Ducati – The Story (Trailer)

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When the word Ducati hits your hears, the first thing that pops in your mind is the colour red, a sense of motorcycling passion and the picture of a mechanical art-form, unless of course, you are an uninitiated stone-age living being. For other motorcycling enthusiasts though, there is a reason to set aside some money and get yourself a DVD or a Blu-Ray of the upcoming documentary, ‘Ducati – The Story’.

As you may have already guessed, it is a compilation of pictures, videos and testimonials from Ducati’s journey between the 1926 to 2007 two-wheeler motorsports. From the innovative Ducati brothers and the birth of the “Cucciolo” to the unforgettable engineer Taglioni and the Desmodromic system. From victory in the Imola 200 to the Scrambler and from Superbike dominance to debut in MotoGP, the documentary covers it all! The DVD will be available at the Misano circuit and at all leading Ducati stores around the world. Lets cut the words right here then and let the trailer do the talking (click on the image above to watch the video).

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