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Venkata is a sea of knowledge when it comes to the technical aspects of cars and bikes. He has been tinkering with engines ever since he was a seven year old kid. His father’s knowledge about the technicalities of all things automotive helped him a great deal in developing an interest in the subject, understanding the finer details of it, and later taking it up as a profession. A senior Motoroid, and a Motorep for the city of Bangalore, Venkat has always taken the lead when it comes to supporting the concept and the Motoroids community. Venkata has helped Motoroids in every conceivable manner, and still continues to do so with infectious fervor.

Venkat started his career as an engineer trainee at Bajaj Auto, where he trained for handling service related activities. Venkata also enriched himself with knowledge about new product development cycle and launch during the period. Later Venkata took over his family business of servicing vehicles and became the in-charge at Auto Service – the service station run by his family in Bengaluru.

Under his leadership and guidance, Auto Service adopted all the modern processes to become a highly acclaimed service station. After taking over, Venkata focused on planning, design & implementation of service and spare part support processes. He designed and installed a customer feedback system and studied the methods and processes of competitors to incremental improvements in various areas.

His hunger for knowledge wasn’t quite quenched with his experience at the workshop though. At the age of 40+ , Venkata decided that he wanted to pursue an MBA course from IIM Bangaluru. Venkata did his PG Management Program For Entrepreneurs & Family Business at Indian Institute of Management Bangalore with highest grading in the batch. Venkata was instrumental in conceptualization, co-ordination & creation of Green Tree Ventures – an organization that supports budding entrepreneurs through funding and mentoring.

These days apart from managing his family business and helping Motoroids with technical troubleshooting, Venkata delivers guest lectures about Entrepreneurship and Business at many renowned business institutes.

An affable personality with an incredibly cooperative nature, Venkata is the incarnation of a true gentleman. He may look like a happy and content man, easy to be overlooked as just another guy, but those who know him well completely understand the passion that and the fire that he conceals behind that genial smile. We wish Venkat all the best for all his future endeavors – as we know for a fact that life has just begun for this young man, and it’s always going to remain that way!

Why is Venkat a Top Motoroid

1.    Provided Motoroids monetary support during its early days

2.    Is the official technical troubleshooter on Motoroids forums

3.    Has helped Motoroids contacts, information and knowledge when it was required the most

4.    Has conducted Motomeets in the city of Bangalore

5.    Is extremely well known and respected in biking circles for his technical knowledge and experience

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