Is this how the upcoming Yamaha YZF R3 would look like?

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  • Yamaha YZF R3 and R3 trademarked
  • Yamaha YZF R3 launch could happen soon after that of YZF R25

It is a well known fact that Japanese bike maker giant, Yamaha, is busy working on a 250cc engine-d sportsbike that could be launched around the middle of this year. This upcoming bike would be dubbed as the YZF-R25 and in all probability, would be first launched in Indonesian. Yamaha YZF R25 India launch would happen soon after. CLICK HERE to read our coverage of the Yamaha R25.

Sometime earlier, it emerged that Yamaha is also working on a 300cc sibling of the upcoming quarter litre sportsbike! There are good chances that the Yamaha YZF R3 would be launched just months after the highly anticipated R25.

Now, has come up with a new speculative rendering of the upcoming model and if this rendering is anything to go by, bike aficionados and Yamaha fanatics are all set for a treat! We can’t help but drool on the bike in this rendering.

The upcoming 250cc and 300cc models in Yamaha YZF range will be direct rivals to the Ninja 250 and Ninja 300 respectively and it would be interesting to see how well the upcoming bikes combat the Ninja sisters.

The Yamaha YZF-R3 300cc sportsbike would be powered by a parallel twin, 300cc, liquid cooled, fuel injected engine that could have a max power output of around 40 PS. Mated to this engine will be a six speed manual gearbox and in typical sportsbike fashion, the bike would have a high-set redline.


There are good chances that the YZF-R3 would share its tubular frame with the 250cc sibling and it won’t be really surprising if the two upcoming Yamahas, much like the Ninja 250cc and 300cc contenders, would look almost the same. 

Nothing much is known about the Yamaha YZF-R3 300cc sportsbike but expect us to update you with more info as soon as we  dig out some.

Stay tuned folks!


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