Upcoming Lotus C-01 motorcycle to have 200PS of power

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Famous auto maker Lotus intends to take the performance motorcycle market by storm with the launch of its first ever superbike. Christened as the C-01, the Lotus superbike will be the company’s first ever two wheeler and will mark the entry of the popular sportscar maker into the high end bike market. Going by the machines that we have seen coming from the car maker, their first ever bike could very well give few sleepless nights to the folks at more established and traditional bike makers.

Lotus Motorcycles, the creators of the C-01, is a joint effort by car designer Daniel Simon, racing partner Kodewa of Germany and the Holzer Group.
World over, biking aficionados are eagerly awaiting the launch of the upcoming motorcycle from Lotus. The new C-01 would have around 200PS of power, enough to match the best from most bike makers out there. Also, thanks to Simon, who is responsible for the exterior styling of cars like the Bugatti Veyron, the first bike from Lotus could look a million bucks. Another notable design from Simon is the ‘Lightcycle’, which was featured in Tron:Legacy.

The bike could feature exotic stuff like carbon fibre, titanium and aerospace steel. It may be noted that the Holzer Group is produces such advanced materials for motorcycle construction.
Stay tuned for more details on the upcoming Lotus C-01 motorcycle.

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