Upcoming BMW iX Scores A Perfect 5-Star In Euro NCAP

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BMW is soon going to aggravate its assault in India with the launch of iX electric SUV. The luxury electric car segment has received quite a few entrants in India and the iX is soon going to join the bandwagon. Good thing for us, the electric SUV has received a top-notch 5-star rating from under the wing of the European NCAP. BMW’s flagship SUV; iX, will be launched in India on the 13th of December. This car will mark the beginning of BMW’s entry into the Indian EV space.

How did it perform?

The car has received a 5-Star rating in the European NCAP, and the model that will reach the Indian shores will be very similar to the one being sold globally. Once again, the car was fitted with standard safety equipment. Thus, the rating can be extended to all the trim levels of the iX.

BMW iX Side Impact

In terms of adult safety, the car performed very well and secured a score of 91 percent. In frontal-offset impact testing, the car provided good protection to the head and legs of the passenger and the driver. And provided good to adequate protection to the chest area. Talking about Lateral Impact and Rear Impact testing the car provided complete protection and received a cent percent score in both tests. In terms of child safety, the car performed well and secured a score of 87 percent, with 16/16 points in crash tests and lagged a little in child safety equipment.

BMW iX Frontal Impact

In terms of safety assist, Euro NCAP rated the car at 81 percent score. BMW iX is equipped with a seatbelt reminder system, attentiveness assistant to detect fatigued driving, lane support system, and Autonomous Emergency Braking or AEB. The car performed quite well in speed assistance and AEB Car-to-Car tests. Attentiveness Assistance and lane support, all performed adequately upon testing.

What made it score so high?

BMW iX is fitted with some advanced Autonomous Braking systems like; AEB Pedestrian and AEB Cyclist. Upon testing, all features worked perfectly.

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BMW iX Electric SUV

Euro NCAP reported that the advanced AEB systems provide good protection to vulnerable road users. Even upon contact, the car limits the impact on the head and leg. This is achieved by a unique feature called the ‘Active Bonnet’. Sensors on the bumpers detect when a person is hit and lift the bonnet to create more space between its surface and the hard components beneath. This helps in protecting the head of a struck pedestrian.

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