Upcoming Bajaj Pulsar bikes in India [Pulsar 180NS, SS200, SS400, CS400]

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Bajaj Auto Ltd is easily among the most ‘active’ of the bike makers we have in India today. BAL has been responsible for ensuring that the bike lovers of our country have a reason to stay excited and not just has it been working to bring the really delicious KTMs to us, it is also readying more exciting variants of its own homegrown performance bike- the Pulsar. Here is a list of five really promising Upcoming Bajaj Pulsar bikes in India.

Bajaj Pulsar 180NS

upcoming-bajaj-pulsar-bikes-180ns-ss200-ss400-cs400- (2)

  • Expected Bajaj Pulsar 180NS Launch Date- Around November 2014
  • Expected Bajaj Pulsar 180NS Price-  INR 85,000
  • Bajaj Pulsar 180NS Engine- 180 cc
  • Bajaj Pulsar 180NS Power- 19PS

If various spy pics are to be believed, Bajaj is gearing up to launch a new sub-200cc variant of the Pulsar in near future. Expected to be priced decently at INR 85,000, the upcoming Pulsar would sport a 180cc mill and thanks to borrowing clothes from the 200NS, is expected be called as the Pulsar 180NS. It is expected that the bike’s 180 cc engine would generate a power of 19PS and it is very likely that this bike would stand up to the expectations one could have for the next gen P180.

Bajaj Pulsar SS200

upcoming-bajaj-pulsar-bikes-180ns-ss200-ss400-cs400- (4)

  •     Expected Bajaj Pulsar SS200 Launch Date- June 2014
  •     Expected Bajaj Pulsar SS200 Price- INR 1.20 lakhs
  •     Bajaj Pulsar SS200 Engine- 200 cc
  •     Bajaj Pulsar SS200 Power- 25PS

The upcoming Bajaj Pulsar SS200 would not just be a faired variant of the 200NS but would also spearhead BAL’s operations in entry level performance bike segment of India. The Bajaj Pulsar SS200 launch date is being expected to fall in late May/Early July and the upcoming model has already created enough buzz in the market. Expected to be priced at INR 1.20 lakhs, Pulsar SS200 will run on a 200 cc engine that would pump out a power of 25PS (approx). With a performance higher than that of the 200NS and looks akin to SS400, this bike has surely got what it takes to be the next big thing in BAL’s arsenal.

Bajaj Pulsar SS400

upcoming-bajaj-pulsar-bikes-180ns-ss200-ss400-cs400- (5)

  •      Expected Bajaj Pulsar SS400 Launch Date- Around October 2015
  •      Expected Bajaj Pulsar SS400 Price- INR 2lakhs
  •      Bajaj Pulsar SS400 Engine- 375 cc
  •      Bajaj Pulsar SS400 Power- 41 bhp

The not-so-good-news is that Bajaj fans will have to wait till at least late next year for an all-out middle weight sports bike model of the Pulsar. The good news, however, is that this model, dubbed as the Pulsar SS400, will be powered by a highly potent 375 cc engine that will make sure that the SS400 stands true to its name, i.e., Super Sports. With sporty and sassy looks and a price tag that will be around the INR 2 lakhs mark, this Pulsar model could really be the most desirable Bajaj ever.

Bajaj Pulsar CS400

upcoming-bajaj-pulsar-bikes-180ns-ss200-ss400-cs400- (3)

  •     Expected Bajaj Pulsar CS400 Launch Date- Mid 2016
  •     Expected Bajaj Pulsar CS400 Price- INR 1.9 lakhs
  •     Bajaj Pulsar CS400 Engine- 375 cc
  •     Bajaj Pulsar CS400 Power- 40 bhp

Bajaj Pulsar CS400, while a distant cousin of the KTM Duke 390, is a close relative of the SS400. This naked street sibling is supposed to hit the Indian roads in mid 2016 and akin to the SS400, is powered by a 375 cc engine. Pulsar CS400 is expected to churn out a power of 40 bhp. This cruiser sports bike comes with muscular looks and should come with a price tag of little less than 2 lakhs. The new ‘Lord of the streets’ coming our way? Definitely!

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