Nissan Navara Pickup Unveiled in Thailand

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The Nissan Navara Pickup has now been unveiled in Bangkok, Thailand. The official unveiling follows a series of images that were leaked onto the web in the last week.


The Nissan Navara is a stylish, rugged-looking pickup truck from the stables of Nissan. Pickup trucks haven’t really trailblazed the sales charts of manufacturers in India, leave alone premium-looking, pricey pickup trucks. However, the reason we feel the Nissan Navara is important for the Indian market is because Nissan might launch a full-sized, premium seven-seater SUV based on the Navara to lock horns with the Santa Fe and the Fortuner.

This is in addition to the industry whispers that Skoda is also considering to launch a seven-seater SUV in the near future. Choices galore for the Indian customer!



The Nissan Navara will feature both diesel as well as petrol options.

The 2.5 L DOHC diesel powerplant will be available in two tunes :

  1. Peak figures of 161 hp @ 3,600 rpm and 403 Nm @ 2,000 rpm
  2. Slightly better stats of 188 hp @ 3,600 rpm and 450 Nm @ 2,000 rpm

The engines are four-pot units, and Nissan claims that they are able to wring out the chemical energy from the droplets of hydrocarbons, without wasting many. The power is transferred to the wheels with the help of either a 6-Speed manual gearbox or a 7-Speed automatic gearbox. Nissan Navara is available in both 2WD as well as the 4WD variants.

Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to get our hands on the specifications of the petrol powerplant.



In India, the populace does look down a bit on Pickup trucks. The word brings with it the images of a person from the rural areas, who is travelling to the nearest town to get his produce sold, be it either milk, fodder or vegetables.

However, the Nissan Navara rips apart that image with its aggressive stance, chiselled lines and an imposing road presence. Available in two colour options of Earth Bronze and Savannah Yellow, the Nissan Navara combines practicality of hauling a large cargo with a cool, understated style statement. To lend it a bit of sheen, the designers have heaped generous dollops of aluminium on the Nissan Navara. You can now see your reflection on the engine grille, foglight housings, door handles as well as the rear-view mirror enclosures, in addition to the RVMs themselves!



A similar story of opulence continues in the interiors as well. Aluminium accents have been used on locations like the steering wheel, central information console and the arm rests. The Nissan Navara possesses seats made up of finely stitched leather in black colour. The colour of the seats is in tune with the single-tone theme of the interiors. Apart from that, one will also get a Central Console which uses a high-resolution TFT display along with analogue readouts for speed, engine RPM, engine temperature and fuel amount. The TFT display will display real time information like distance to empty, speed, mileage, temperature, and indications for turn by turn navigation.

Other features included in the Nissan Navara are :

  1. Rear AC vents
  2. Airbags
  3. ABS
  4. On-the-Move shift to 4×4 mode from 4×2 mode
  5. VDC- Vehicle Dynamic Control
  6. HSA ( Hill Start Assist ) and HDC ( Hill Decent Assist )
  7. ABLS – Active Brake Limited Slip

The Navara brand has been an old feather in the proverbial cap of Nissan. The new Nissan Navara might not make it to India, but it does provide a hint of what we could expect from Nissan if it does decide to launch a full-sized, premium SUV in the days to come. Bring it on, Nissan!

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