UM Motorcycles 24X7 Roadside Assistance Programme introduced in India

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UM Motorcycles, along with Lohia Auto, has announced the roll out of 24X7 Roadside Assistance Programme (RSA) for the customers of UM Motorcycles in India. The Roadside Assistance Programme will be applicable across the entire model range of UM Motorcycles starting from January 1, 2017. The customer can reach RSA representative on the toll-free number 18001021942.

The program will offer UM Motorcycles customers benefits like assistance in case of a road accident, human error and problems related to the dead/flat battery. In case the covered vehicle is immobilised due to an empty fuel tank and/or contaminated fuel, arrangement for supply of up to 1 litre of fuel will be made (Out of Fuel will be upto 1 litre only once in coverage period). Other benefits include lost keys or broken vehicle keys, puncture, bolts or valve related issues at any time and any place. Under the 24X7 Roadside Assistance Programme, a vehicle is covered from the moment; a customer takes the delivery of the vehicle.

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Speaking about the RSA Program, Rajeev Mishra, Director – UML, said that as a company, UM Motorcycles constantly strive to meet the evolving needs of the customer with its products &services. The UM Motorcycles’ Road Side Assistance Program has been launched with the aim of providing emergency roadside assistance services round the clock to ensure a hassle free UM Motorcycles ownership experience. He further added that the RSA program is a comprehensive service they intend to reduce the inconvenience caused to the customers in case of an accident or vehicle immobilisation by providing customers with timely services. The initiative aims to resolve on-road problems faced by the customer through a 24/7 helpline and personal assistance.

Check out the benefit description below:

S.N Benefit Description
1 Coverage Area  –  RSA shall provide 50 Km Cover from specific cities to all vehicles reporting for breakdown ( except Islands)
2 Toll Free Access – RSA shall provide a 24x7x365 days  accessible Toll free number
3 Roadside Repair – In event of vehicle getting immobilized due to flat battery, driver error etc, and arrangements shall be made by RSA to mobilize the vehicle.
4 Safe Towing – In event of vehicle getting immobilized due to electrical, mechanical failure, accident, etc RSA shall arrange to have the vehicle safely towed to the nearest Authorized service station.
5 Lockout Services -In the event of Customer losing keys of the Covered Vehicle, arrangement for the pickup and delivery of spare keys to the spot where the vehicle is within the home city, else suitable arrangement will be made by RSA for towing away of the vehicle from the spot of immobilization to nearest authorized dealer workshop.
6 Fuel Assistance – In the event of the Covered Vehicle being immobilized due to an empty fuel tank and/or contaminated fuel, arrangement for supply of up to 1 liter of fuel – Once in the coverage period.
7 Emergency Assistance –Medical co-ordination for the rider & pillion of the vehicle as a result of accidents, charges to be borne by the customer.
8 Urgent Message Relay –  Relay of Urgent message to family / friends in case of medical emergency
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