TVS Sets A New 6-Hour, Non-Stop Stunt Record And Enters The Asia Book Of Records

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Yesterday, TVS Motor Company’s, Apache Series created history by setting a new record for the longest non-stop stunt performance show in India. This feat was achieved with the help of 5 stunt teams, who continuously performed different stunts on their Apache RTR 200 4V motorcycles for a duration of 6-hours. This incredible achievement was acknowledged by the Asia Book of Records and the India Book of Records. This record-breaking program was held amidst heavy rainfall at Seasons Mall in Pune. Despite these difficult weather conditions, the Apache Pro Performance X event had a footfall of around 25,000 people, who cheered and showed support for these riders.

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Back in 2017, the TVS Apache stunt team had entered the record books with a non-stop 5-hour stunt show in Chennai. This activity was dubbed as the ‘TVS Apache Pro Performance X’ and was a part of the Apache Pro Performance (APP). This initiative is purely managed by TVS Racing, while the APP group promotes the performance prowess of the TVS Apache motorcycles amongst its audience and helps them relate to the essence of the brand’s tagline, ‘Racing DNA Unleashed’.

The teams behind the success of this event belong to various different cities of India, like Coimbatore, Bangalore, Jaipur, Indore and Delhi. The stunt bikers fascinated the audience with their immense skill set and manoeuvrability on the TVS Apache motorcycles. The list of stunts performed includes the Jesus Christ pose, pillion thrill-ride, 360-degree front wheelie, synchronized flower burnout, suicide burnout, and a mega bike burnout as the grand finale. Despite the heavy downpour, these daredevils stayed committed to their goal and continued the event.

Let’s have a look at the teams that took part in this event:

Team Steel Silencerz

This group from Jaipur has been a part of TVS Racing for the past 6 years and have performed over 1600 stunt shows across the world. They are also the first Indian team to perform stunts on international platforms such as Eurasia Moto Bike Expo 2014-15 in Istanbul. Along with TVS, they have judged a television show in Sri Lanka and Istanbul and have also performed stunts for the Indian Army in Jabalpur. The team consists of 3 members: Vaibhav Soni, Bhawani Sapera and Digvijay Singh Nathawat.

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Team Balance Point

This freestyle riding team from Bangalore have associated with TVS Racing for over 9 years. With over 350 stunt shows to their credit, the team has also performed for the Indian Army and have featured in about 14 Kannada films. Rafi Ulla, Vamshi and Akash are the 3 main stunt riders from this group.

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Team Throttlerz

This Coimbatore team, have been associated with TVS Racing for about 7 years now, they have performed in over 330 stunt shows across India. This team has also won the title – India’s best stunt team at IBW Goa 2016 and have also performed with World champion Stunt Riders, Chris Pfeffier and Aras in IBW 2011. They have also performed on international countries such as Sri Lanka, Turkey and Nepal. The riders of the team are Biju B, Padmaprashanth P and Lokanathan.

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Team Moto Tycoonz

This team is associated with TVS Racing for over 5 years, and are based in Delhi. This freestyle riding team comprise of 3 experienced riders, who are supported by TVS Racing, and have performed in over 150 stunt shows all over India. This year, the riders of the team are Rakesh, Maninder Singh and Pradeep Kumar Kaoirala.

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Team Throttle Extreme

This team hails from Indore and is one of the best professional stunt groups in the world and have been associated with TVS Racing for the past 7 years. They have performed in over 500 stunt shows and also have a Guinness World Record. The group includes 3 motorcycle riders and 2 bicycle riders, along with a support staff of 5 employees. Back in 2011, they also participated in the popular talent hunt show ‘India’s Got Talent’. The riders of the team include Rahul, Vikas and Arvind.

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