Triumph Teases Tiger Sport 660 ADV-sport Tourer Based On The Trident 660

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We reported back in November that Triumph could spawn two new motorcycles based on the Trident 660’s platform. Triumph has now officially confirmed that it is indeed going to expand the 660 line-up by rolling out a few teaser images of the Tiger Sport 660. The Tiger Sport 660 is basically an adventure-sports tourer version of the Trident 660 which will see its launch in the coming few months. The company has neatly hidden away the details under heavy camouflage that could be mistaken for a custom wrap because it is too tastefully done!


Talking about the evident details that we can make out from the released images, the upcoming Tiger Sport 660 will feature a big fuel tank, substantial radiator shrouds, a sizeable windscreen and sleek twin LED headlamps.

Triumph Tiger Sport 660 teased (2)

A road-biased ADV-tourer

What is even more evident than these details is the fact that instead of being a hardcore off-road tool, the Tiger Sport 660 will turn out to be a road-biased machine. That can be further cemented by bringing in two more key factors: its 17-inch wheel setup and Michelin Road 5 tyres, both of which it shares with its naked roadster counterpart. However, it remains to be seen whether it will get longer suspension travel or not because by the looks of it, it has a similar-looking black colour Showa USD fork as the Trident 660.

Triumph Tiger Sport 660 teased

Engine and transmission

Although Triumph has remained tight-lipped about the specs and features the upcoming Tiger Sport 660 will come loaded up with, it is logical to assume that it is going to borrow its powertrain and chassis from the Trident 660. The claimed max power output is 80 hp at 10,250 rpm and 64Nm at 5,000rpm. Nearly 90 per cent of the torque is available from as low as 3,600rpm and exists till 9,750rpm, which is incredible and should suit the characteristics of this ADV-sport tourer as well. The Tiger Sport, like the Trident 660, will include a six-speed gearbox and a bi-directional fast shifter, but it’s unclear if this will be an optional feature or a standard feature.

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Triumph Tiger Sport 660 teased (1)

Now that we already have the Trident 660 on our soil, we can expect the Tiger Sport 660 to land here as well, in the early months of  2022.

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