Triumph Motorcycles celebrates the love for riding at MotoDay 2015

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Celebrating World Motorcycle Day, Triumph Motorcycles, the British motorcycle manufacturer reignited the passion and love for riding by hosting the MotoDay 2015 in partnership with MotoDreamz.

Triumph riders at MotoDay 2015

Hosted at Lavasa International Convention Center, Lavasa, MotoDay 2015 brought together motorcycling enthusiasts from across the country to celebrate the free spirit of motorcycling. Conceived as a common platform for motorcycle aficionados to share the love of riding, the event featured Triumph riders from across the country congregating at the beautiful city of Lavasa.

Encompassing key highlights like Meet, Greet and Connect sessions with the motorcycling community; interactive sessions by seasoned motorcyclists talking about travel, technique safety and security; entrepreneurs speaking about their love for motorcycling amongst others, MotoDay 2015 helped create an equal platform for all two wheelers; irrespective of make and creed.

Triumph Motorcycles parked at the MotoDay 2015

MotoDay 2015 has been a fantastic platform to celebrate the love of riding and allow Triumph Motorcycle lovers from across the country to meet each other. We believe in motorcycling being the ultimate equalizer and thus via this initiative pave for this platform to build on the passion of our riders and enthusiasts. MotoDay is an effort to create a platform to bring together riders without any pre-requisites or pre-set notions, where the success of this edition makes us much anticipative for the coming times. In future we will look at similar events to build on this triumphant culture” said Mr. Vimal Sumbly, Managing Director, Triumph Motorcycles India.

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