Toyota India Launches A Interactive Test Drive Application: First Of Its Kind

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Toyota Kirloskar Motor has announced the launch of a test drive application to standardize the test drive process across Toyota dealerships in India. This initiative hopes to better elaborate the key product features while the customers go for their test drive, enhancing their overall driving experience. Toyota in a bid to provide their customers with newer and better experiences has launched this application to build product conviction with effective a test drive experience. The unique aspect of this application is that it is multi-lingual, thus explaining the features in multiple languages [currently, Hindi & English]. This application is connected to the vehicle through an OBD (On-Board Diagnostic Device) to make it interactive with the vehicle driving pattern. Thus the features are automatically triggered based on the driving response.

Toyota Opening Not Connected iPad

Speaking on the occasion of the launch, Mr N. Raja, Deputy Managing Director, Toyota Kirloskar Motor Pvt. Ltd said, “We at Toyota continuously strive to understand evolving customer needs, to offer newer and better driving experience beyond traditional vehicle transport.  Keeping in mind changing customer lifestyle, we have introduced this application to further streamline the test drive experience at dealerships and strengthen the customer connection to the brand – converting one-time product sales into a long-term service-oriented relationship. With booming digitization, we entered this space through Paperless Customer Information Capturing in the Pre-Sales Area and Toyota Connect in the Post Sales Area.  We are expanding our horizon introducing the First in Industry Unique Digitalized Test Drive Application aiming to standardize the product explanation during the Test drive and make the experience more exciting. The interactive feature lends a ‘human touch’ to this application, thus making it unique”.

Toyota Engine Power iPad

This application is an iOS-based state-of-the-art technology, designed for iPad devices. The application is installed in iPad and configured with OBD i.e. “On-Board Diagnostics” device which is fitted to the car and paired with the car’s audio system. Once the engine is started, the iPad Application senses engine performance parameter triggered by the OBD device and based on the customer driving response, respective performance and features will trigger and initiate explanation of the characteristics from the iPad application. The voiceover explanation of the car highlights through the car’s audio system ensures customer test Drive experience is unique, uniform and universal.

Toyota Opening empty iPad

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“The initial feedback from customers in the pilot phase has been very encouraging for us.  A test drive is a critical part of making an informed purchase decision, we believe this informative experience during the test drive will increase the awareness about functions and features of the car and transform the vehicle sales experience.” Mr N Raja added.

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