Topshield Group Introduces ULV Technique For Car Sanitization

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The Covid-19 pandemic has affected livelihoods of several people across the globe, especially in an overpopulated country like India. One thing that has been made clear is that the novel coronavirus is here to stay for a considerable amount of time and we have got to live with it.

Therefore, we need to modify our daily lives accordingly so we all can co-exist together. Sanitization is one such aspect which has to be followed more religiously from now on. Not only for ourselves but for our surroundings, things we use need to be sanitized regularly to avoid contamination of any kind.

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In similar regards, Topshield Group, a specialist in providing hygienic sanitization and disinfection services, has launched a new technique for car sanitization. Topshiled specializes in cleansing services catering to all sectors like residential, office, commercial space, warehousing, and automobiles. 

How does It Work?

Under this procedure, the company is using high-class machines like ULV fogging Disinfection treatment, Steam sanitization and aerial disinfection and premium quality disinfectants and sanitizers approved from EPA. It is using a special technique that is effective in sanitization and is fast drying. It has optimized the sanitization of high-risk areas of contamination. The person carrying out the procedure begins with wearing a disposable gown, ensuring a contactless procedure, thus ensuring safety for the customer as well as for himself. The company claims that all the products and protocols used in the process are WHO-recommended.

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The company claims all premium disinfectants used are odorless. No irritability or smell to the nose can be experienced and the formulations used are non-toxic. The treatment uses a special technique that is effective in sanitization and is fast drying. The use of high-quality EPA approved disinfectants allow no room for stains to be left on fabrics, furnishing, or important official documents. The company promises a hassle-free procedure as it claims that its sanitization services are utmost effective and leave no residues to post the service. 

Customers can book an appointment by visiting the company’s official website. With the outbreak of coronavirus and recent stage escalating to community spreading in various parts of our country sanitization has become customary for a safe, Covid free environment. Deep Sanitization is the only way to kill the potential risk of such a harmful  and deadly virus.

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