ThyssenKrup InCar Plus offers 40 innovative components and solutions to the auto industry

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Auto industry is achieving new highs as auto related companies are introducing various measures to improve the efficiency and environment friendliness of their products. ThyssenKrupp AG a brand known globally for its high-quality elevator and escalator systems has silently been innovating to make auto industry greener and more energy efficient. The Essen-based company  has presented the results of its research project InCar plus, which  offersnew solutions in auto construction for energy efficiency, electromobility and weight reduction

A total of 100 engineers from eight companies at 15 locations have worked on the project to develop 40 new components and solutions for the auto industry. These components and solutions would benefit customers by saving up to 50 percent weight and providing cost reductions of up to 20 percent. InCar plus also makes a significant contribution to climate protection by savings up to eight grams of CO2 per kilometer. Looking at the overall life cycle of a car, including production and recycling, InCar plus represents a saving of 1.6 tons of CO2 per vehicle.

Speaking about the InCar plus, ThyssenKrupp CEO, Dr. Heinrich Hiesinger said, “Business with the auto industry accounts for a quarter of our sales, almost ten billion euros. And the mobility sector will continue to grow in the long term.”

The group focuses on green solutions for energy efficiency, electromobility and weight reduction. The innovations from the InCar plus project can be used in the body, chassis, steering and powertrain. Whether it’s sustainability, weight, cost, or performance – each InCar plus innovation is superior to the current state of the art in at least one of these categories. With materials, component and manufacturing specialists all working together, InCar plus solutions have a high degree of maturity and can be integrated quickly into automotive production.

Expressing his thoughts on the InCar plus, Dr. Karsten Kroos, CEO of the Components Technology business area said, “As development cycles for new models become ever shorter, every month counts. The production readiness of our solutions gives our customers an important edge in terms of time and cost.”

Life cycle analyses have been drawn up for the InCar plus innovations that provide transparency not only into emissions during driving, but also into the environmental impact over the entire life cycle of the products, from raw material extraction to production and use to recycling. With InCar plus, OEMs know from the outset how the use of a certain material or part will affect the carbon footprint of their vehicles.

The InCar plus team will now present its innovations to auto manufacturers in Europe, the Americas and Asia. The first production order for an InCar plus innovation has already been received.

Efficient and eco-friendly are the need of the hour and InCar plus is an insight into the future. Do you agree with us? Share your thoughts and opinions with us through comments section. Stay tuned to Motoroids for more updates from motoring industry.

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