This Yezdi Bobber Brings the past to the Future

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We saw the relaunch of the classic Jawa brand at the end of last year. This brand, along with Yezdi, was well known in the past and this is why we believe it is the right time to showcase an old Yezdi which has been modified to bring it to the future. This job was undertaken by Arghadeep Sarma and his team at Indi Custom Garage. This bike started its life back in the days as a Yezdi 250 and the team was lucky to get this project right while we witness the relaunch of a legendary brand.

Modified Yezdi 250 side (1)

The team have customised pretty much every component of the bike. The Chassis was modified for some ergonomic changes and has changed the way the rider sits. Then the team took care of the suspension, the front forks give more feedback to the rider and the rear end gets a unique leaf spring set-up which makes this bike a hardtail. The bike gets wider tyres in period-appropriate spoked wheels. The fenders have also been modified to complete the bobber like look the team was going for. In the end, a sissy bar has been added, more for aesthetics than functionality. An additional disc brake in the front improves the braking.

Modified Yezdi 250 qarter low

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The paint job was another highlight of this modification is the paint job. The team kept it very rough and old school so that lookers can appreciate the beauty and rawness of the bike. The seat too has been made to be a part of the rear suspension setup in a unique manner and gels well with the design of this bike. Below are some images of the bike for you to see. If you like what you see, this bike is on sale and you may contact Deep_argha10 on Instagram for more details.

Modified Yezdi 250 side
Modified Yezdi 250 rear quarter
Modified Yezdi 250 leaf spring

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