Harley-Davidson Puts A Price Tag On The Livewire

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The future they say is electric, smoke-free and quiet. And they’re so certain about it, one of the most legendary bike makers out there – Harley-Davidson has given into it. The LiveWire, their first all-electric motorcycle has been priced and it asks for a rather steep, $29,799 (USD). That’s just the starting price mind you. To be available in showrooms in select markets starting August 2019, it isn’t certain if the Livewire will go on sale in India. But if you translate that price in Indian currency, that’s nearly 21 Lakh INR!

Livewire 2018

Harley Davidson isn’t hiding the fact that unlike all their other bikes and their Screaming Eagles, this one’s so quiet, the loudest sound one would hear while riding is that of a human heart beating fast. This street-styled Livewire can sprint from 0 – 60 mph in under 3.5 seconds and one doesn’t need to be too clinical to achieve that time, since there are no gears or a clutch to release. Flat out, the Harley Livewire has been restricted to a top speed of 95 Mph (152 kph).

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Now let’s address the big question. How far does it go on a single charge? Harley states that the battery pack powering the Livewire’s motor is good for a 110 mile (176 km) range. But the big question is, how much time does it take to recharge the battery?  An onboard Level 1 charger plugs into any household outlet and refills the juice overnight at the rate of 13 miles of range an hour. On the other hand, an optional fast charger will do it quicker at the rate of 192 miles of range per hour.

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The motorcycle is built around a cast aluminium frame which holds together the permanent magnet electric motor. Paired with adjustable Showa sourced suspension, this bike rides on exclusively designed Michelin Scorcher Sport tyres. Instrumentation is via a 4.3-inch colour display which tells you about the speed, range, battery status, music, navigation, alerts and more. Like all conventional Harleys, you can customise the Livewire with plenty of available accessories too. In standard form, the bike will be available in Vivid Black, Yellow Fuse and Orange Fuse.

LiveWire 2018
LiveWire 2018
2018 Harley-Davidson 115th Anniversary Celebration.
2018 Harley-Davidson 115th Anniversary Celebration.
LiveWire 2018. Spain

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