This Modified Omni Is Called The ‘Black Devil’ And It Stands True To Its Name

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The first image that crosses anyone’s mind after hearing the name Maruti Omni is an iconic utilitarian van or in some cases, as portrayed by Indian crime shows, the perfect vehicle to kidnap someone. But some customization houses around the country have shown us that Omni can be transformed into a machine which can turn heads around more than some of the modern-day sportscars and butch SUVs. While there are some examples of modified Omnis which are more off-road biased, the one featured here ends up being on the sportier side.

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Modified by South-India based Carbon Automotive, the Omni retains its silhouette but looks a lot stealthier than before. It looks like the perfect accomplice for Batman if he decides to go grocery shopping. The guys have named it ‘Black Devil’ and it stands true to its name.


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Embracing the Devilish side

The whole car is wrapped in a deep black shade which makes it visually a lot more appealing than the stock Omni which used to come in rather boring shades. The front bumper has been buffed up and in comes an aftermarket one which provides it a rather butch appeal up front.

Modified Maruit Omni (1)

The headlights are custom units too and gel well with the dark shade of the Omni. The headlight assembly comprises of projector lamps and demon eyes that glow red, which further justifies its name ‘Black Devil’. The side profile is highlighted by skid plates and custom alloys. To give it a sportier stance, it has been given the lowered treatment which makes it ride lower to the ground.

Modified Maruit Omni (2)

The roof has a closed luggage carrier as well, which means that it doesn’t lose out on the practicality front. The interiors are reworked too and the seats are covered in the shade of red, further complimenting the overall ‘devilish’ character of the modified car. As much as six exhaust vents are seen on the ‘Black Devil’. While we believe that some of them are faux units, it does let out a rather loud roar, announcing its arrival and sending a signal to the rest of the cars on the road to head home. It’s quite commendable that how these little touches work in its favour and justify the name it has been given.

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Modified Maruit Omni (3)

A brief history of the Omni

In the year 1983,  Maruti Suzuki launched the iconic 800. This tiny hatchback revolutionised the Indian car scene and put Maruti on the path of immense success. A year after the iconic hatchback, the brand launched yet another revolutionary product, called the Maruti Van. It was sold by that name till 1988, when this van received a name. To be called the Omni, nobody would have known that this van would be sold for 3 more decades to come, perhaps even more if the new safety and crash norms did not come into play. The Omni, just like the 800, is nothing short of an icon in Indian motoring history, it was the car that made every Indian want a van. Sadly, it was discontinued last year but the spirit of the ultimate Indian van lives on with these rad modified Omnis running on our streets.

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