Omni Much: Watch this Rotary Engine Powered Van do crazy Burnouts

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Rotray Engine Powered Van

Ever saw the Maruti Omni in a different light apart from the official kidnapper’s car and a rolling death trap? Somebody from Australia decided to swap a Suzuki Van’s (Omni in India) humble heart with a rotary engine, slap on some performance wheels/tires and give it a go on the skid-pad at Sydney Dragway

And the results are pretty mesmerizing. The Omni (Van) burns its rear wheels to toast, apart from doing ludicrous burn-outs for a good part of 3 minutes! The tin box goes into a pretty intense swagger, with the enthusiastic driver flinging it like a yo-yo.

What’s more, watch the exhaust below glow in red, spit flames and those poor rear tires being shredded to bits. Further details regarding the Rotary Engine Powered Van are scarce.

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