This Modified Fiat Punto Abarth Puts Down 190HP; Makes Us Crave For The Hot Hatch’s Resurrection

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The Fiat Punto Abarth is a legendary hatchback in its own might. When it was on sale in India, it was the most powerful hatchback in its segment. For reference, it had a 1368 cc petrol engine which gave the car a power output of 145 bhp, yes you read that right! Maximum torque of 212 Nm was sent to the front wheels via a 5-speed manual transmission. A cracker of an engine coupled with a stick shift? Absolute bliss!

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It was among the hot favourites of tuners around the country but never really gained traction in the mainstream junta because to be very honest, we weren’t actually ready for that at that moment.

Punto Abarth modified

Today we have this spruced up Punto Abarth with us, owned by Digvijay Mukund Kulkarni (Instagra: @blackbarth91). Wrapped in a high-gloss Yellow paint scheme, this looks straight out of a NFS video game. We know that it is a bit overused statement but look at this customized Punto yourselves! We particularly like the white treatment given to the alloys as well. It really gels well with the Yellow shade. The brake calliper are also painted in yellow. The hood is custom built while there’s also a manual webasto popup sunroof for those who want to feel that extra gush of air in their hair.

Punto Abarth Modified (2)

Performance mods

Let us get down to business. The actual business. Even in its stock trim, the Punto Abarth has some impressive numbers but the one featured here has some performance mods in place. It features a sequential blow off valve, K&N conical air filter, custom short shifter and custom underbody chasis braces. The mods don’t end here as it also features a Code 6 Stage 2 remap which bumps up the maximum power output to 190HP while the maximum twist force is rated at 300NM. To increase its aural credentials, it also has a full exhaust with Remus Valvetronic muffler and Akrapovic tip with center piping for exhaust.

Punto Abarth Modified (1)

This particular modified Punto Abarth has brought back all the memories of one of the hottest hatches to ever grace our shores. Part of the reason behind its untimely demise was our sad reception to it as well but we believe that our country is now ready to embrace the concept of hot hatches. After all they are small, look the part and pack enough oomph to embarrass some of the sedans.

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