Rynox NOCTEX Is A Blessing For Riders Who Ride During The Night!


Ask any avid motorcyclist what they think about riding during the night. Almost every single of us would agree that it is almost therapeutic. The empty roads, the cold breeze brushing past us and the darkness is very enticing but it has its own fair share of risks. Our country is abundant with reckless drivers trying to end your journey on a sad note. And the risk multiplies when the sun goes down. Intoxicated drivers, lack of sunlight and stray animals jaywalking on the streets. The risk is just too much.

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To make the night riders feel safe, Rynox has introduced NOCTEX – Retro-Reflective Shell Technology.


According to the riding gear manufacturer – “NOCTEX is a laminate of microscopic retro-reflectors over an abrasion resistant polyester shell. The NOCTEX fabric looks an inconspicuous dark grey during the day but when light hits its surface after dark, it instantly illuminates brightly. The light is reflected back to its source, lighting up your entire silhouette. This makes you highly visible to oncoming traffic and reduces the likelihood of low-visibility related accidents after dark.”

Rynox NOCTEX (1)

Rynox is one of the key players in the Indian riding gear industry and is renowned for its quality riding gear at an affordable price. When asked whether they plan to make the NOCTEX technology available in all their jackets, this is what the manufacturer had to say – “That’s the plan! We not only plan to seamlessly integrate NOCTEX in other products, but also further evolve the technology itself.”

Rynox NOCTEX riding gears

This is a major breakthrough in the riding gear industry. Although modern-day riding gears do boast of reflective pinstriping but the demonstration of NOCTEX shows us that it is a lot more effective than reflective piping. The NOCTEX tech is currently available in the Storm Evo jacket and pants. The Storm Evo jacket will set you back by INR 11,750 and comes with KNOX CE Level 2 shoulder, elbow and back protector. While it also comes equipped with Safe-tech CE level 1 chest protector. Talking about the Storm Evo riding pants, it boasts of KNOX CE Level 1 knee, shin and hip protection.  The Storm Evo riding pants will set you back by INR 8,550.


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