This is China’s First 3D Printed Car


Trust the Chinese to come up with something as bizarre as this ! After coming up with some bizzarre replicas of some very popular cars, the Chinese now have made its first 3D printed car. It was recently unveiled after a full five-day printing process.

3d-printed-car-china (2)

This shoddy looking 3D printed car has been developed and built by local company Sanya Sihai. The 3D printed car tips the scale at just 500 kg and is actually an EV. It measures 3.6 meters in length and 1.63 meters in width. The exterior and the body looks crude and the headlights scream Audi. As you can see in the video, only the exterior was 3D printed while the interior cabin was built just like a normal car.

3d-printed-car-china (1)

The car was printed in a flashy Tyrant Gold filament and cost the equivalent of $1,770 to build. It has space to seat only two people and can reach speeds of up to 25 mph (40 km/h) while details about how long the batteries last are not available.


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