These ‘UVO Connect’ Features Will Make your Drive More Convenient in Your Kia

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In the changing world of mobility, our cars are not just a means of transport. It has become as smart as our smartphones with maps, voice recognition, traffic report, safety, security, and lots more. This all has been possible with the latest evolution of connected technology in automobiles. Today, the car is an extension of one’s personality. In times of the social media and internet-savvy generation, the car should be equally “connected” as our new-age audience.

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Kia’s ‘advance UVO connect’ is an art of innovation that has been able to take connected car technology a notch higher. Kia Motors India, which is just three cars old in the market, was one of the first automakers to introduce a connected car ecosystem in India.

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Within just a year of sales operations in the market, it has outperformed everyone in the industry with the most number of connected cars on road, which currently stands at more than 86,000. No matter which Kia model you choose – be it the Sonet, Carnival, or the Seltos, its smart UVO technology is all set to offer an experience, which will provide an efficient and enjoyable drive.

Here are four such smart features to make your daily commute more convenient.

Do it all with ‘Hello Kia’

An easy to use personal voice assistance powered by artificial intelligence that can help you with several tasks to make driving safer and less stressful. While driving, your focus is on the road and your hands are busy with the gears and steering but at the same time, there are things that you need to do but can’t without avoiding the risk of taking your eyes off the road, such as making a simple call, or maybe turning your favourite music on. This is where the convenience of being able to do all those things through voice comes into play. With UVO, you can do a lot more that includes navigation, media controls, weather information and temperature or blower speed control, and first-in-industry driver window up/down. All with a simple voice command – ‘Hello Kia’. The smart AI also enables users to interact with full context, which allows them to have natural conversations even with follow up questions after the commands.

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Always under your control 

The UVO Connect app offers a secure and convenient way to access the car remotely even when you are not inside the car.  Kia UVO is the remote control, which lets you start and stop the engine from any location. In addition, you can simply set AC temperature remotely before even stepping into the car and it would be ready as per your comfort requirements. To add to the convenience of the users, the UVO Connect app comes equipped with a smartwatch connectivity feature with a UVO Watch Face Application exclusively personalized for Kia customers. It provides remote access to in-car air quality monitoring, an absolute necessity considering the poor air quality outside. Besides this, the UVO Connect app also provides important information on the status of the vehicle as such tyre pressure stats, door lock/unlock, fuel level and keeps you updated even on the service requirement. It also provides timely alerts on the replaceable and consumable parts, which helps you, keep a proper track of the car’s health, so that you can avoid unnecessary hassle while driving.

Kia UVO connect features

As per your convenience

Additionally, Kia has also included a new and very interesting feature under the UVO Connect – the OTA (over the air) updates to keep the system updated at all times. OTA or Over the Air is a platform with which a manufacturer can push for software updates through the internet every time there is an update available and the system automatically upgrades itself in the background. It is extremely useful and convenient for users as there is no need to physically visit the dealership for updating the system. By making the Sonet OTA compatible vehicle, Kia is the first manufacturer in the country to provide over the air updates in a compact SUV. Currently, the Sonet users can get Map updates through OTA, and soon all future vehicles/models of Kia will be OTA compatible in India. Being one of the first manufacturers to introduce such an advanced technology in the country, Kia has assured its customers of a new dawn in the automobile world.

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Safety comes first

In addition to the convenience aspect of the high tech feature, the UVO technology also makes sure that users get all the comfort without compromising on their safety and security.  Kia cars come equipped with a dedicated button on the antiglare IRVM with UVO Controls. It provides roadside assistance, Navigation assistance through call center and an SOS button that alerts the dedicated call center in case of an emergency. Besides, it sends an automated notification to emergency contacts in case of airbag deployment along with numerous other safety functionalities that keep you safe always. Other connected features such as geo-fencing, real-time vehicle location, and speed alert system are excellent add-ons to enhance the security. If you’re a parent, you will find these features quite useful for the safety of your children while driving the car or being driven by a chauffeur. UVO Connect also shares real-time alert on your phone if the driver exceeds the maximum speed or if the vehicles cross the boundary marked by you in Geo fence, to ensure that users are completely aware of the safety of the car and the passengers.

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